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The same skills are decreasing every day?

Hey, I just want to see if this is the same for anyone else before I report it... But every day I log on and the same skills in my tree have decreased i strength (usually to only 3 or 4 bars).

It's really annoying me because I'll end up doing those 4 or 5 skills so they're gold (I like to keep the tree gold) and then by the time they're done, I've had enough for the day and don't get to learn anything new!

They're also pretty recent skills I've learned so it's not as if I haven't used the words in a while.

Anyone else having this problem?

July 24, 2015



I recommend reviewing 3 lessons and then doing a new lesson. Then if you are not too tired you can review the rest back into gold. If these lessons have been coming back over and over, try doing a lesson from the skills set to keep it golden longer. Keep in mind that if you had trouble learning the lessons in this set, you might be reviewing a different lesson each time from that skill set. If it is always the same words, then try to get a perfect score which will also keep it gold longer. When you do the timed lesson, a perfect score is 20 out of 20. You can sometimes pass with few, but then it will come back sooner.

July 24, 2015


I'll try doing individual lessons rather than just practising the skills... It's just annoying how it's the same ones all the time, otherwise I wouldn't mind!

July 25, 2015


Same here. The same lessons decay. I don't know how many times I've had to do "Business 1" in my German tree. Right now there are two lessons that are down one bar. I did both of them with only one mistake but they won't turn gold. Yet in other lessons I can have four or five wrong answers due to typos or just being careless (tapping "check" by accident) and those lessons will be gold at the end. Does anyone know why this happens?

August 1, 2015
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