"They have trousers on."

Translation:Tá brístí orthu.

July 24, 2015

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From English to Irish, the tooltips are not very helpful here.


Whats the difference between acu and orthu?? Please help


acu is the third person plural of the preposition ag (at) and orthu is the third person plural of ar (on). Here, the preposition on is needed (the sentence literally means "There are trousers on them.")


Why is Tá bríste orthu wrong, since I presume they each have exactly one pair of trousers?


Would you say "they have a hat on" or "they have hats on"?


Well, seeing as English is not my native language, I wouldn't be 100% sure, but I would personally lean towards "they have a hat on".

But anyway, there's a few languages I'm aware of where it would unequivocally be "they have a hat on". So my question would be whether Irish is in the first or second group.

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