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  5. "I am beautiful."

"I am beautiful."

Translation:Ben güzelim.

July 24, 2015



Why not just "ben güzel "?


because you need the -Im ending to indicate that it is "I am beautiful," and not just "I beautiful."


So you need the -im to clarify "I am" but why cant you say "benim guzel" instead of "ben guzelim"? Does it just flow better that way and is preferred or is "benim guzel" incorrect?


"benim" means "my." It is a totally different word :)


Could you say "Ben guzel ver" to say "I have beauty?"


No, because beauty is "güzellik" and the verb "ver" means give so instead of ver you should use "var". "i have beauty" is "benim güzelliğim var" please ask me if you have any questions i'd love to help


Just commenting to say that I'm sorry about reporting this question, because I didn't realize that the sentence was just "I am beautiful". The first time I saw it I read it like "I am very beautiful".


Why does "yakışıklıyım" not work?

I do understand that my answer would translate to more like "I am handsome" and that the adjective "beautiful" has a feminine connotation, albeit a very slight one. However, I do hope such confusions are less prevalent in the next lessons.

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