"A aranha é um animal."

Translation:The spider is an animal.

October 17, 2013

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I was looking up on Forvo how people pronounce 'aranha' and came across this:


"aranha arranha o jarro"

I punched it into a translator and got "spider scratches the pitcher". Could someone explain what this means??


It seems to come from a Brazilian tongue-twister, you can find the full thing (and more) here:

A aranha e o jarro
A aranha arranha o jarro
O jarro arranha a aranha
A aranha não arranha o jarro
Porque o jarro não arranha a aranha

Google translate gives this (by pitcher they mean a jug)

The spider scratches the pitcher
The pitcher scratches the spider
The spider does not scratch the pitcher
Because the pitcher does not scratch the spider


Ah, thank you! I think it would be good practice for learning pronunciation to try to say those other tongue twisters.


Hi, Thankwee. I'm Brazilian and I can explain. It's just a tongue-twister. There's no meaning. For example "The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick".


When does the 'nh' sound like the Spanish ñ ( Ronaldinho, aranha) as opposed to the sound nh makes in tenho?


Tenho also uses the Ñ sound. In fact, I don't recall any exceptions; NH always has the Ñ sound.


Although you won't hear "tenho" itself in this video demonstrating the sound, no exceptions are mentioned: http://blogs.transparent.com/portuguese/pronunciation-video-the-sound-nh/.


why "um" instead of "uma"? isn't "aranha" feminine?


aranha is femimine, thus "a aranha"

animal is masculine, thus "um animal"


I thought the spider was an arachnid??? Oh well looks like I failed first grade, Cause I was taught that the were not an insect or an animal, but an arachnid. Looks like I have to go back to first grade... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


The spider is an arachnid and arachnids are animals.

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