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"De jongens eten soep en brood."

Translation:The boys eat soup and bread.

July 24, 2015



I think there is a typo.


If you think there's a typo you can report it to the moderators with the report button. If you post it here at least state what you think is the typo, so other people don't have to search for it and/or can tell you why it may not be a typo. In this case, I have no clue what you think may be a typo -- and I don't see any -- so I can't help you ;)


You're right - should have mentioned the typo. It's entirely possible I made a mistake, but it appeared to say" De jongens eten soep en een brood". While that made no sense, and I read it a few times - I translated it as "The boys eat soup and a bread" it counted it incorrect.

Also, I thought I was clicking on the 'report' button, but I guess there are 2 buttons on the feedback.



Hehe, no worries :) By the way, the sentence "de jongens eten soep en een brood" is a valid sentence (as would be your translation) and would mean they ate the whole bread (whether that makes sense I'll leave to you ;))


on my thing it didn't have " een" before "brood"


In Portuguese, my native tongue, one does not "eat" a soup, but rather "drinks" it. I see that Dutch is similar to German in that regard: "Die Suppe essen". I didn't know that in English "to eat a soup" is acceptable, alltough I think "to have a soup" is more common.

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