"The girl runs around the apartment."

Translation:A menina corre pelo apartamento.

October 17, 2013

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why does is shows perto ?


no ? why i do not understand ! why not "em volta de" ?


"Em volta de" usually means the external part/side.


Em vota de or em turno de, though I ussually assoiate em turno de when describing a shft (veio or eixo) when describing moving around an object. em volta de as you explained outside Like em volta de cidade around the city. but this pelo. is not making sense to my english biased brain, For me I translate that as for the , by the from the. is pelo also meaning around the as well?


Yes, "em volta de" and "em torno de" mean the same thing, but the latter is rarely used.

"Pelo" is used to mean "through" or "across from" something. If you say "a garota corre pelo apartamento", it means she goes to many parts of its area ("around", in English).

Vamos dar uma volta pela cidade?

It means they will go to many areas of the city for visiting or sightseeing.

Vamos dar uma volta em torno da cidade?

It means they will go around/surround the city.

Eles estão em volta da fogueira.

It means they are around (the external area [luckily!]) the bonfire.

But "pelo" may have other meanings as well, and that's why you might be confused!


Thankyou It is then one of those take it in context, I will keep it in mind and has given me now more options to converse


Yes, that's it! A word may carry other meanings depending on the context! Good luck!


Also wnat to know why not em volta de, or the use of volta de in this case sounds more appropriate perhaps its a brazilian way did anyone respond with adefinate answer?


If I heard "a menina está correndo em volta do apartamento", my first thought would be she is running around the apartment building.

A menina está correndo pelo apartamento = the girl is inside the apartment.


why not "em torno de" ?


"em torno de" is quite rare. "em volta de" is more common


What about Sobre?


Sobre = on, on the top of


Why is the article "o" missing in front of the "apartamento". You expect me to translate "the apartament", yet you do not accept "o apartamento".


The article o is there in the form of a contraction attached to por.

Por + o = Pelo , Por + a = Pela

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