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"De er utrolig frekke og dumme."

Translation:They are unbelievably rude and stupid.

July 24, 2015



I love the closeness of Norwegian and my Dutch dialect. The proper Dutch translation of 'frekk' is 'brutaal', but in my dialect it is 'vreg' it must be etymologically related!


In German it is "frech". I love how our languages are related. :)


I've heard that Norwegian (but Swedish as well) has many loanword from Low German, which is close to Dutch. I believe that it could happen in the age of Hanseatic League, when many merchant have sailed across Northern Europe.


Isn't insolent a good translation of frekk? (I've reported this before so I assume you might disagree and I was wondering why.) And impudent for that matter? (Not sure whether that's accepted.)


Both have been added, and are fine translations of "frekk."


Why is outstanding not accepted for utrolig?


While anything outstanding certainly is out of the ordinary, it's not necessarily unbelievable.


Frekke sounds remarkably closely related to English "fresh," as used in a negative sense as rude, perhaps somewhat archaic now. In American English "dumb" is almost equivalent to "stupid," at least in conversational usage. I'm not sure if this also pertains to British English. Amazing how many words between English and Norwegian are cognates. :-)

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