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"Turismo donas laboron al multaj homoj."

Translation:Tourism gives work to many people.

July 24, 2015



Duo rejected my answer "tourism provides work for many people", and shows "Tourism gives work to many people" as the correct solution. The latter may be a closer word-by-word literal translation, but it does sound rather less idiomatic.


I just got dinged for the same thing. And this is after I was reading a report on the benefits of tourism with exactly the same (English) phrase and word choice as I got dinged for.

An employer gives work, an industry provides it.


I just encountered the same problem and reported it. There's no sense in it expecting us to answer with non-idiomatic phrases just because they are more similar to the literal translation.


Labour should be allowed


Did you report it?


Hmm, how many jobs/person are you thinking?


...oh. 1 job per person.



Work is not discreetly measurable. We can give or receive a lot of work, but not three or four works (in the sense of the phrase), although we can give or receive three or four jobs. You can say "laborojn" in the case of several specific works, but in the case of generic work, it is more appropriate to use the singular, at least in Esperanto (also in Portuguese).


I got dinged for using the word "employment" instead of work. They really want only a literal translation which often sounds stilted and unnatural.

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