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"The motorway is not on the map."

Translation:Níl an mótarbhealach ar an léarscáil.

July 24, 2015



Couldn't remember léarscáil, had to look up the parts, nice:

léar = gleam, glimmer (light ;-)

scáil = shadow, darkness, obscurity

map = light in the darkness


go raibh maith agat! is aoibhann liom é seo!


why is "nach bhfuil" not acceptable here? isn't Níl a contraction of it?


Níl is a contraction of ní fhuil. Nach bhfuil is used more as a negative interrogative particle. For example: Tá tú tinn, nach bhfuil? (You are sick, aren't you? or You are sick, isn't that so? or You are sick, right?), Nach bhfuil ocras ort? (Aren't you hungry?)

Nach can also be used similar to that or which in English (though, nach is always negative). For example: Dúirt sí nach bhfuil fonn uirthi teacht linn (She said that she did not want to come with us) or Deoch nach n-ólaim (A drink which/that I do not drink)

So, using the above sentence, with nach bhfuil, you could form something like: Nach bhfuil an mótarbhealach ar an léarscáil? (Isn't the motorway on the map?) or Tá an mótarbhealach ar an léarscáil, nach bhfuil? (The motorway is on the map, isn't it?)


tuigim anois, grma!

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