"Вже дев'ята година?"

Translation:Is it nine o'clock already?

July 24, 2015

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First of all, "o'clock" is one word--a contraction of "of clock"--not two words with a space between. Secondly, if DL does separate them, then the apostrophe goes with the "o'," not with the "'clock." Thirdly, DL should not mark "o'" + "clock" as a typo because it puts an erroneous space between the two--"o 'clock".


There is still the problem of the programme raising a typo for o' clock etc


I wrote 'Is it 9 o'clock yet' and marked wrong, which makes sense but leaves me a tad confused, since вже can apparently mean both yet and already. How would you write 'Is it 9 o'clock yet' in Ukrainian?


In russian, an identical expression means going on nine, ie an unspecified point in time after eight, but before nine o'clock. So... does it mean we passed nine or not?


In Ukrainian we use ordinal numbers for hours and cardinal for minutes: 9:30 - дев’ята тридцять, 7:05 - сьома нуль п’ять.

There are also such forms as: 9:30 - пів на десяту, 7:05 - 5 хвилин по сьомій, 5 хвилин на восьму, 7:15 - чверть по сьомій, чверть на восьму, 7:50 - сьома п’ятдесят, за десять восьма, десять до восьмої.

To say at what time something is happening you use preposition "о(б)': о десятій, об одинадцятій

The questions for time are Котра година? and О котрій? (At what time)


I have never heard of using 'об' in the Ukrainian language....this is a first! I was always taught to use 'в', as in 'в десятій годині', 'в одинайцятій годині'. And '11' was spelled as 'одинайцять' (with a 'й', not 'одинадцять' (with a 'д'.) Please clarify. Прошу випростувати мені. Дякую.


«Одинайцять» doesn't make sense because the word одинадцять originally comes from a contraction of один на десять. The десять loses a syllable as "дсять" ---> "дцять".

The й instead of "дць" doesn't make sense in that respect


It's nine o'clock?

Here "Already" is understood and we don't need to write or express it in English

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