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  5. "Écoute, mon ami !"

"Écoute, mon ami !"

Translation:Listen, my friend!

July 25, 2015



In English "Listen, my friend" would almost always be used in an ironic way when speaking to someone you are upset with. Would that be true in French for "Écoute, mon ami"?


No, "écoute" is used a lot in ordinary speech (with or without "mon ami"), at least in Quebec. Your tone can, of course, give it an ironic sense. Think of it more like the "hey, (look)" emphatic of English. It's especially used when interrupting someone else or when giving advice, or telling an anecdote intended to illustrate a point.


Why is "Ecoutez, mon ami" marked wrong.


Actually, this form is used when talking to people you don't know, in order to show respect. You would not speak to a friend formally. If the sentence had mes amis instead of mon ami, then and only then your answer is correct because that shows plural form.

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It's fine, really. From a "type what you hear" exercise, however, you must type exactly what is said, i.e., "écoute".


Why do you need the accent here? I thought you don't usually use them in capitals.


Huh? Don't you always need the diacritic (including accents)? I understand on signs that have ALL capital letters, the diacritics are normally left out for space reasons, but not in other cases. Remember the earlier exercises "À demain; À lundi", etc?


Diacritics are commonly omitted on capital letters in French (particularly on signage, whether all caps or not). But it is never wrong to include them, and they should be expected in something like a language lesson.

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