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  5. "Принесіть меню, будь ласка."

"Принесіть меню, будь ласка."

Translation:Bring the menu, please.

July 25, 2015



Why is "Bring a menu, please" wrong?


Am I right to have been reporting these? I thought that since there were no articles it could be either 'the' or 'a'. I keep getting marked wrong.


I think they fixed it. I wrote 'bring a menu please'.


I suppose if you worked at a restaurant and were telling an employee to bring it for revision or something. Alternatively Bring the ladder please, we are going to pick apples. Принесіть, будь ласка, драбину. Ми збираємося збирати яблука. Using a translator there and wrote going to pick. Збираємося збирати is apparently going to collect. QUESTION! Я не люблю колупати ніс. I don’t like to pick my nose. Is the difference between picking apples and picking my nose the way it’s done? Picking like digging? This is an important question because everybody goes fruit picking. But I don’t think I would say to collect fruit unless they are on the ground.

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