"The house has two floors."

Translation:La domo havas du etaĝojn.

July 25, 2015

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Yes, that explains the concept of "floors," but what about the actual word? It almost seems to derive from "stage," as in the stages of a rocket. It certainly bears no resemblance to "storey" or "floor."


French has étage for "floor, storey" - undoubtedly related to the English word "stage" as French initial é- often corresponds to initial s- in other Romance languages.

So this seems to be a straight borrowing from French into Esperanto.


The Bulgarian word for "floor" is "етаж", which transliterated in Esperanto would look like "etaĵ". I actually mess it up in Esperanto as "etaĵo", wondering why it has a 'ĝ' instead of 'ĵ'.

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    new word for me .. "etagxo" can someone expand the explanation of this for me ^_^ thanks


    "Storey" or "floor".

    For example, if you have a house with a ground floor (where the entrance door is) and then you go up a staircase and there are more rooms there, that house has two storeys or two floors -- la domo havas du etaĝojn.


    Well, leave it to Esperanto to teach me I've been misspelling ”stories” my whole life...


    "story, stories" and "storey, storeys" are both correct spellings for the floor of a building. (And even, it seems, "storey, stories".)

    "Storey" is apparently a predominantly British form, so I suppose Duolingo (which theoretically uses US English as its base) should show "story" if it shows this word at all, but accept either spelling.

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