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"My favorite transport is bus."

Translation:Мій улюблений транспорт - автобус.

July 25, 2015



"For the English sentences I would rather opt for: "My favorite means of transportation is the bus!"


That would be: Мій улюблений вид транспорту — автобус.

We would rather say it this way too :) They are just trying to make the sentences simpler and remove extra new vocab like "means"


I don't want to act like a smart aleck here. I just try to prevent myself from taking over pieces of "false English" from the duolingo translations. I know that this can happen subconsiously or consciously to all of us, we cannot help it. So whenever I come along an English sentence in duolingo that seems odd to me, I try to find out if the sentence is unusual or wrong or whether there is a problem with my own knowledge of English. I really love duolingo and by posting my comments I want to help to make this Ukrainian courses to get better.

Actually, if the sentence is unusal in English AND Ukrainian, it should be changed for both, because, I personally believe, there is no sense in teaching people sentences (and in this case even in two languages in one exercise) that no native speaker would ever say that way!


Well, I would completely agree with you! But I have this kind of language exchange experience myself, that I'm trying to bring good to the person and teach them many things, but end up pushing too much and overflooding with information, they get tired and lose enthusiasm. So it's a general trend to try to use simpler or even dumber sentences at the beginning.

I can imagine this phrase being taught in English having "My favorite transport" instead of "My favorite means of transportation". Both are absolutely valid, but the first one is simpler and you won't have to go through the trouble explaining what "means" and "-ion" at the end of "transport" are :D That's being lazy and avoiding trouble... So I agree with you, but not for the masses...


I understand where they're coming from, but it's not really an excuse to use blatantly incorrect English. Reported, hopefully it will be fixed.


Of course, yes, I agree. I was just trying to explain why this happened at all, but I see that you understand.


Why was autobus - my favorite transport (written in Ukrainian) rejected?

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