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  5. "Це поїзд у Денвер?"

"Це поїзд у Денвер?"

Translation:Is this a train to Denver?

July 25, 2015



"Is this a train to Denver" sounds awkward. No one speaks like that. "Does this train go to Denver?" is what a native English speaker would say.


That would be "Цей поїзд (їде) у Денвер?"


This is true, but its still the way we would say it. It took me three tries to not automatically type in "does this train go to Denver"


Shouldn't it rather be: "Is this THE train to Denver?"


Both should be accepted


@chemiazrit: It still sounds odd in my ears. But I am no English native, so you might be right!


There might be different times or ways to get to Denver by train. This train is one of the options.


Why does the question have to have the form "Is this ... " These two words reversed pose the same question. Therefore my answer "this is the train to denver" should be accepted as correct.

As for the use of "a" as the article rather than "the" needs to be reviewed. The question posed in this exercise is one that would be asked in a train station. At the station there may be many platforms and even multiple trains at one platform. It is highly unlikely that there would be two or more trains heading in the same direction at the same time. It is when there are two or more present at the same time that the use of "A" would be appropriate. The more likely scenario is that there is ONE train going to Denver and the inquisitor want to locate THE train going to Denver rather than A train going somewhere else.


Saying "This is the train to Denver" means that the train that you are mentioning indeed goes to Denver, it's not a question asking whether the train goes to Denver. And adding a question mark to that would not be the proper way to do it in English.


'У' means 'in'. 'To' translated into Ukrainian would be "до".

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