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"The director said that a new computer was bought for the school."

Translation:Müdür dedi ki okula yeni bir bilgisayar alınmış.

July 25, 2015



why isn't "alındı" accepted?


In this case, it is because you are quoting something that you heard and do not know yourself.


in that case any passive verb should be including narrative suffix because when the subject is not mentioned in the sentence that means that we quoting something about him / her .. like " he was born / he was found /she was married ..!? I really can't understated the narrative case ..


i read somewhere that using ki like this is frowned upon. how would a native turkish speaker say this sentence?


The usage of ki is a little bit complicated. It doesn't fit well in every type of sentence but it's completely natural and ok to use it this way with the verb demek. So a native speaker would say it like this.

You could also say:
Müdür okula yeni bir bilgisayar alınmış dedi.
Müdür okula yeni bir bilgisayar alındığını söyledi.


"Müdür okula yeni bir bilgisayar alınmış dedi." was my choice and I got it wrong according to duolingo. But my sentence sounds more natural than this made up sentence with "ki." I'm a native speaker.


Benim bu cümleden anladığım kadarıyla müdür alındığını biliyor, ama söylediği kişiler bilmiyor, bunu vurgulamak için mış kullanılmış ama bu da cümlenin anlamını değiştirmiş, sanki müdür de yeni öğrenmiş de başkalarına da söylüyor gibi olmuş. Ama senin yazdığın da doğru cevap olarak verilenle aynı.


No, we use it but not everywhere


"okula" yerine "okul için" de kullanılabilir olmalı


Kabul ediliyor zaten. It is already accepted.


Unfortunately it is still not accepted.

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I am a native speaker. I would translate this sentence like "müdür okul için yeni bir bilgisayar alındığını söyledi" but it is not accepted.


Hello everyone, I proposed the following alternative: 'Direktör dedi ki okul için yeni bir bilgisayar alınmış'

and I am wondering why 'direktör' isn't accepted? It is out of date or something?


Director is used as "müdür" in terms of school. Maybe that's why


No one has mentioned this, but I wanted to say okula icin. Why is icin not necessary here when the computer was bought 'for' the school? Thanks!


I had to edit my first post: I thought that "okul için" (nominative mandatory with için) was not accepted in this sentence and I did not get why. It was something else in my translation (alındı instead of alınmış) that led to have it rejected. Okula is the dative case, it probably has the same meaning as "okul için". I checked the Tips and Notes of the Dative lesson and found no mention of that meaning. I will keep searching and let you know.


You are right about this - okula (dative) or okul için (nominative with postposition) would both have the same meaning in this sentence. Hopefully both are accepted answers!


Thank you, I really appreciate it!


Why not "Yönetmen okula yeni bir bilgisayarın alındığını söyledi."? Doesn't bilgisayar have to be genetive?


Genetive sounds better but I think you don't have to use genetive here.


Because a school can't have a yönetmen. A school has a müdür. We use the yönetmen for film sets.


Thanks, that's useful. We learnt both early on as "director" but without any distinction being made!


Mudur okula yeni bir bilgisayar alindi dedi niye olmuyor?

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