"Кожний підліток знає цей фільм."

Translation:Every teenager knows this movie.

July 25, 2015

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Why "Each teenager ..." is not correct?


Should be correct, report.


What is the difference between кожень and кожний; when do you use which one? And thanks!


That's a really good question!

Firstly, small correction, кожен and кожний.

By the feeling my first response was, they are the same, but personally I use basically only кожен.

Googled it: http://kak-pravilno.net/kozhen-chi-kozhniy-yak-pravilno/

They say the same thing: both versions are correct and equal in their meaning, but кожен is used more often in practice. This word suits most of the cases, while кожний is more used in idioms or the like.


Thank you- for the answer and the spelling correction! I don't think I hear кожний much and use кожен myself- but I make a lot of mistakes so wanted to ask.


Правільно будет “кожен”,а тут и варианта такого нет


1) Both versions are correct

2) Just checked: 23.07.2017 "кожен" is included in the correct answers. Maybe you made a mistake in something else, so it wasn't accepted for another reason.


Surely 3rd person plural and not 3rd person singular? ie знають as opposed to знае as it is 'every' teenager.

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