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  5. "Eu uso sabão branco."

"Eu uso sabão branco."

Translation:I use white soap.

October 17, 2013



Is there any difference between sabão and sabonete? Is one a bar and the other liquid, for example?


no. we have sabonete em barra and líquido as well as sabão em barra, pó and líquido. Sabonetes smell sweet and are used mainly for taking a shower, and sabão for washing the clothes.


Is it just me, or does the audio make "uso" sound like "muso?"


Sounds great now with the new voice. In fact, I think this is the best of all of them I have heard so far (especially the sabão branco bit). :)


Yes, it sounds something like, "eu muso sabdão branco". Heard it so many times, and lastly skipped it.


Euuso, (junto, liason). as in: is not and isn't. Eu uso sabão branco - in fast speak : Eúso sabon brancu (Phonetics)


Not even that close! I think we should report it :)


Sounded like eloosoo to me. I would never have got it by ear. This audio sounds more phonetic.


It sounded like "Eu uso sabam branco" to me and was marked correct. Listened several times and there's definately an 'm' sound on the end of "saba(m)"

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