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  5. "Jeg må leie en bil."

"Jeg leie en bil."

Translation:I need to rent a car.

July 25, 2015



How does one distinguish "rent (for oneself)" vs. "rent (out)"? I guess context can usually do it... does one say, "Jeg vil leie huset mitt"?

It's also showing "hold hands with" as a translation. "Jeg vil leie deg" seems dangerously ambiguous... :P


å leie = to rent
å leie ut = to rent out

While I've never run into any confusion IRL, we do get interesting answer suggestions in the vein of "I hold hands with a house." and "The man rents his son." here on Duo. ;)


what is the difference between må meaning need and trenger, which if I remember right, also means the same thing?


I believe må is more like must, while trenger is need. In English we can use them both pretty interchangeably.


Correct. Both can translate to "need (to)" in English, but they are never interchangeable in Norwegian.

"Må" is a modal auxiliary verb, which means that it's always modifying another verb, and cannot be the main verb of a sentence.

= must, have to, need to
trenge = need, require, be in need of


Is "å leie" necessarily "to rent", or can it be "to borrow" too? It only accepts the former.


"å leie" - "to rent"

"Å låne - "to borrow"

The meaning is quite different - wether it is a favor (låne) or money involved (leie). Therefore, you can't use these verbs interchangeably.


Regarding the money aspect, note that "a loan" is "et lån" and you thus also use the verb "låne" when raising a loan, e.g "å låne penger av/fra banken".

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