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"Mannen vil ikke stenge restauranten."

Translation:The man does not want to close the restaurant.

July 25, 2015



Han må stenge restauranten på grunn av koronavirus


Couldn't this also mean "The man will not close the restaurant?" Would you have to rely on context to know the difference, or is there some specific way to tell?


Vil means wants in most contexts


Just a suggestion to Duolingo for future improvements.. it would be helpful if the correct answer didn't cover up our answers because I, for one, can't see what I did wrong. I thought ai wrote the right answer but it shows wrong and I have no way to see what I did incorrectly. Just saying...


What is the difference between "stenge" and "lukk"??


Å lukke- to close temporarily Ex. Han lukker døra- he closes the door (it can be open at any time)

Å stenge- to close permanently/longer period of time Ex. Han må stenge butikken hans på grunn av koronaviruset- he must close his store due to the coronavirus


He doesn't want to close it for today or permanently?


It can mean both, you'd have to rely on context.


Is there a particular pronunciation rule that makes the "-ten" sound like a "-gen?" Does it depend on which letter(s) proceed the "-ten" or is it always the case when "-ten" is at the end of a word?


I wondered about the same thing. In Norwegian, restauranten seems to be pronounced like the Swedish restaurangen.


'...shut the restaurant' should be accepted.


My question is the same as Suzzetta's - couldn't this also mean "The man will not close the restaurant."? I have trouble knowing when "vil" means "want" and when it means "will".


What is the difference between "slutter" and "stenger"?


slutte means to bring something to an end, to conclude, to terminate https://www.dinordbok.no/norsk-engelsk/?q=slutte

stenge means to close, to shut, to close or shut down https://www.dinordbok.no/norsk-engelsk/?q=stenge

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