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  5. "Do you like strawberries?"

"Do you like strawberries?"

Translation:Liker du jordbær?

July 25, 2015



Not understanding here. Jordbaer is both single and plural? I just got dinged for writing "jordbaerer"


Singular indefinite : et bær - definite : bæret

Plural indefinite : bær - definite : bærene

Without the article "et", singular indefinite and plural indefinite are identical. That might be the reason for your confusion. This is the same for all berries; blåbær, bringebær, tyttebær (blueberry, raspberry, cowberry)


why "liker dere" is not correct?


I am using the English alphabet and dont have the character that looks like ae, the program wont let me continue.


For me, when using just ae instead of the real letter, it allows it but says to note it. Also, if I instead of just clicking on the a, I hold it, it will give the option for an æ.

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