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3,2,1 Takeoff! And We’re Translating the Web!

This week we made a big announcement about how we’re going to remain free now and forever. You can read all about it in Luis' announcement here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/954969. In short, our incredible community of language learners is already helping translate BuzzFeed and CNN articles from across the Web. This is just the beginning, but we’re definitely on our way!

Here’s a taste of the fun stuff that has already been translated by the Duolingo community. A huge thank you to every one of you that continues to believe so strongly in our mission: free language education for the world. Let’s make this happen together!

CNN translated into Spanish from English:

BuzzFeed translated into Portuguese and Spanish from English:

You can give translating a go in the immersion view! http://www.duolingo.com/translations

October 17, 2013



Awesome! I can only imagine how huge Mandarin will be for you guys.


Hurray Duolingo! Take that, Tower of Babel!


That's really a very good translation. Just out of curiosity, how does it get pulled into CNN/Buzzfeed. Do they physically copy, and paste the document or there is an app or something that pulls it in?


There is an API I am sure. That's a programming solution. Basically the clients of Duolingo bake it into their software and selected upcoming news are automatically sent to Duolingo, we translate it and it is sent back. Absolutely sure, the don't copy and paste any text.


Yup! It's through an API that we get those translations back to them.


Dear Kristine, there must be an easy way to find out articles from these sources on Immersion but I haven't worked out how to find those articles coming from Buzzfeed or CNN. Am I missing something or it is not yet implemented? Thanks.


They are in the immersion view, but you might not find them if you're not looking in the right direction. CNN articles are being translated by Spanish speakers learning English currently for example.


So, aren't there articles from them to be translated into French?


einfach. mit leute


mit *leuten oder menschen


Hopefully we'll see the web translated into more languages soon.


I agree - what a dream - that might be attained !


Simply genial, Duolingo :). It's an awesome plan to the future. I just hope that everything will go as it should and that you, guys won't have any complications with it :).


Great news. Thank you Duolingo!


excellent. power to the people


this is so cool hihi^^


I'd love to help Duolingo by translating some of the paid articles, but I'm a native English speaker. Is there any content to be translated into English yet?


Yes there is. I am very new to duolingo, and I can't tell you at the moment how to get through to these. I did, and played around with a translation into english. I do think this is a great project. And that it is creating such a community - to help and encourage us all to communicate more - and to have the insight in a way to do it that does not cost those establishing their learning - encourages them to participate - and work towards becoming proficient. And encouraging those that are proficient in languages, to contribute to the community. To contribute to a community enriches human self worth, and is an underlying cause of happiness. To encourage people to learn how to communicate with people who speak different languages encourages a better understanding between different communities. Encouraging people to learn - improves peoples brains. .... This is a great project. When I find it again, and if someone more competent has not replied, I will repost to really answer your question.


Thanks Linda - glad you're enjoying the site! At the moment, the translations into English are just for us to practice. Duolingo doesn't get paid by clients for them. They've started getting paid by Buzzfeed and CNN for translating those sites into Spanish and Portuguese. But at the moment, there are no "sponsored" translations into English, as far as I know. I was just asking because I'd like to contribute to the translations that earn Duolingo money if possible.


And now I have re-found it - is in the "Immersion" tab on your top header. :)

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