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  5. "Do you like porridge?"

"Do you like porridge?"

Translation:Ти любиш кашу?

July 25, 2015



'Чи ти любиш кашу?' is correct also.

[deactivated user]

    It should be «Чи любиш ти кашу» in literary Ukrainian.

    «Чи ти любиш кашу» is a non-neutral word order that works only when you emphasise «любиш» with intonation. Duolingo consistently rejects non-neutral word orders.


    Why is it not каша?


    "любити" is a transitive verb, which means that it takes a direct object (i.e. Ukrainian considers "loving" an action that directly manipulates some object or person).

    Каша, being an а-ending feminine noun, has its Accusative different from Nominative.


    would любиш be considered a regular conjugation for любити? not sure why it looks weird to me. maybe i havent encountered many sentences with ти so far...


    Yep, it is fine (Ти любиш кашу?)


    ok thanks!! just needed to review a bit i guess


    Thanks 'Шарая Жаба', but that's how we've spoken for decades - over a century in Canada. "Чи Ти любиш кашу?" Duolingo has accepted it as correct. Your version should also be correct, altho we don't use it as often. :)

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