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"Fue mi intención desde el principio."

Translation:It was my intention from the beginning.

October 17, 2013



How about --->It was my intention from the start


It was my intention since the start was accepted


How about, It was my intention from the beginning?


It worked for me. 21/08/2014.


It was my intention from the outset! Hahaha no chance but worth a try!


Lol, I started to use "from the outset", but I had second thoughts. It's pretty well understood, but probably not very common. Nevertheless, it's certainly worth reporting.


Just because your translation hasn't yet been suggested/accepted/programmed by Duolingo, doesn't mean that it isn't an appropriate one. I have had several suggestions accepted by DL over the past months. Every time we contact DL with an alternate interpretation and it is considered, accepted and added to the database, we have helped to improve DL. I encourage you to suggest yours.


JellyLava, I see you added a face mask to your photo. How appropriate.


Google Translate likes "era" but DL offers "fue". Are there contexts where either is correct?


"Fue" is in the past preterit tense, which is usually used when an action has a definite starting or ending point. "Era" is in the past imperfect, which is used for past actions that are repeated or are not defined with a beginning or ending.


I would use them both interchangeably.


It sounds like the stressed syllable of ‘principio’ is ‘ci’, but there is no accent there even though it is not the second to last.


My guess would be that the 'io' sound (in this case) is like an English dipthong and therefore considered equal to only one syllable instead of two.


Your guess would be correct. The syllables in this case break down to prin-CIP-yo since the "i" is considered a "weak vowel" and combines with the "o".


why didn't it accept "he was"?


"He was my intention" doesn't make a lot of sense. People aren't usually intentions. Intentions are usually ideas/concepts which would use "it"


Desde sounded like de ve no matter how many times I listened to the normal and slow speed, in spite of the fact that it seemed unlikely. Did anyone else have trouble hearing this correctly?


Seems to have been corrected now which is 15 minutes later. :-)


Just to be different (knowing what Duo really wanted) I tried "it was my intention from the first". Wrong of course, but not uncommon in English.


I agree. I sometimes try other ways of saying things for the same reason. When I really do believe that it should be accepted I report it to DL. I have occasionally had a message sometime later to say that the DL team now accepts my version.


I believe that would be "el primero".
In translating, one should avoid changing what was actually said.


Why, "he was my intention from the beginning" was not accepted?


Intentions (thoughts) are mental exercises, not persons. Therefore, using he, she, or you would be incorrect. :)


The voice sounded sad when the speaker said the sentence, very mysterious...


Why is "It was my intention from the outset" wrong?


I agree that the meaning is exactly the same and a quick check would show the Duo people that outset is a synonym of beginning. It is probably likely that when the computer was programmed 'outset' was not considered. If you care to, the next time you encounter this sentence, use outset and then when the response is that you are wrong you can use the button to then select 'my answer should be accepted'. The word may be added at some time in the future but probably not soon enough to help you. I believe they have trouble keeping up with all the comments and suggestions however I have had quite a number of words/phrases accepted over the past few years.


Thank you! I did suggest "this should be accepted." I have also had several accepted lately.


"It was my intention since the beginning" was not accepted. I have reported it (1/5/2020); but please let me know if I really was wrong to use "since".


In your sentence 'since' should be 'from' so 'It was my intention from the beginning'. In order to use since, which indicates continuation, the verb form would change to 'It has been my intention since the beginning.' in which case the Spanish verb would change to 'ha sido' but that's not what Duo used. I hope this helps.


Thanks, now I've learned more English grammar! I never wanted to learn the intricacies of grammar in school. That's probably why I was a poor language student. Now I am happy to learn more English grammar and I am certainly finding it helpful as I am learning Spanish.


¿Por qué no se puede usar 'de' en lugar de 'desde'?


Se usa desde cuando se dice quanto tiempo pasó después de un evento.


I don't hear the "el"

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