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"Ele quer obter os documentos."

Translation:He wants to obtain the documents.

October 17, 2013



is the pronunciation of obter really "oh-bee-tair" as it sounds here, or is it closer to "ohb-tair"


Adjacent consonants can be broken up by inserting an extra 'i' sound (search for "Epenthesis" in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_phonology). The Google voice certainly says "obter" this way: https://translate.google.com/#pt/en/obter%20uma%20advogado (the effect in "advogado" is palatalization of the "d" I think although it still sounds like an extra vowel has been introduced).

[Added later] The Google voice has changed since I wrote this and it now says "obter" without an added "i" (at least I think so). You can hear the word spoken by a Brazilian here: http://www.forvo.com/word/obter/#pt


Today, July 13, it definitely sounds like "obiter". Being a newly introduced word, that is not good.


useful link, thanks for the help


does "conseguir" work here? "Ele quer conseguir os documentos."


why is He wants to receive the documents. wrong?

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