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Am I missing something?

I just started here and am a little confused. Is there any sort of vocabulary list associated with these lessons or is it just sort of trial by fire?

December 30, 2012


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In the lessons we highlight the words you're learning. In each skill, there's a small vocab list in the lower right for what words we're teaching you in that skill. Finally, like Skye07 said, you can view your entire vocabulary using the tab at the top of the page.


I am having problems specifically with translating sentences with different verb conjugates. Is verb conjugation addressed at all or do we just kind of take a stab at writing what we hear?


When I redo part of a skill that has decayed, I seem to get new words - words that I did not get when I originally mastered the skill. Or is my memory also decaying? For example, in French, for the Animals skill, I complete all parts and move on. then it decays and I redo animals, only to find some animal words I had not seen before


With every lesson you get new words.


Check out the vocabulary tab on the top.

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