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"Hvorfor har filosofen ingen jobb?"

Translation:Why does the philosopher have no job?

July 26, 2015



...fordi filosofi er som en tredemølle. Det er bra trening men du går ingensteds.


To say something horribly elitist, personally, I don't think university education needs to be vocational or practical or about making money. I think it can be about acquiring more knowledge of culture, getting more understanding of art, making yourself a more rounded human being, etc.

As I write this, and as I spend time on this forum discussing reflexive verbs and the use of the subjunctive, people are dying of hunger and disease. But anyway...

Philosophy at university isn't really practical. Some people try to put the spin on it that it's about "critical thinking" and good argumentation, which it is, but the content, the substance of the subject is surely more important than the byproducts. I mean, everyone -- whether they think deeply about anything or not -- everyone inevitably has a philosophy or philosophies -- opinions about how to live their lives, about politics, science, whatever. Studying philosophy affords people the luxury of being able to think more systematically and carefully about such things, and think about arguments for and against, pro and con -- regardless of whether at the end of it there's a salary waiting for you.


I love this. A lingot from me.


Is there something wrong with the audio? Sounds like she is saying " Hvorfor hadde..." to me.


Yes, it's faulty and should be sounding like a regular "har".


Slow speed it's clearly 'har', but normal speed sounds more like 'hadde'.

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