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Happy Esperanto Day

It's Esperanto Day!

On July 26, 1887, Louis Zamenhof published the first book of Esperanto, now called the Unua Libro.

It's an excellent day to study Esperanto!

July 26, 2015



I went to bed after finishing the tree at 2am this morning (UTC +10). It was only when i woke up that i noticed the coincidence of doing so on this date.

It is, indeeed, an excellent day to study Esperanto.


I read somewhere that one buys a book in Esperanto to celebrate Esperanto Day, is this true? Also does anyone know of a good website that I can order Esperanto books online?


Project Gutenburg also has a few free e-books in Esperanto. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search/?query=esperanto


Ankaux visitu la retejon de la Universala Esperanto Asocio, cxe UEA.org. Ili helpus la ne-usonanoj inter ni. Kaj havu felicxan tagon!


Jes, la retejo de UEA estas bona, kaj — legu la artikolon La Unua Libro ĉe La Balta Ondo, ĝi estas bona.


I didn't know that, thank you for the post. I guess it'd be a good day to advance a little more on the tree. :)

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I thought that the Esperanto day was celebrated on 15 December, the birthday of Zamenhof...


December 15 is Zamenhof-Tago. It was at his 19th birthday party that he revealed the first version of Esperanto. Today is the anniversary of the publication of the first book, so Esperanto Day.


I like that in Esperanto-Lando we will have at least two public holidays, Esperanto day and Zamenhof day.


Wow, li faris esperanton kiam li estis 19 jarojn, mi ne sciis tion


Kaj li havis nur 27 jarojn kiam li eldonis Esperanton.


I began Esperanto last Sunday by chance. Now I have just learnt it was Esperanto day. So Happy Esperanto Day!


I wish that Esperanto was a world language like it was supposed to be, I love Esperanto! It is so close to English and German in so many ways.


Even more so italian


Happy Esperanto Day to you, too, John. I was wondering, is there a book concerning the history of Esperanto that you would recommend?


In fact, yesterday was the only day since the course was published that I didn't study Esperanto... My fault ;S

Felicxega esperanta tago al cxiuj!!!


This makes me quite excited for this year.

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