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And... I finished the tree!

Well... I can't say that I finished in the right way, since I sprinted in the last week (I did the last 2 checkpoints this week in order to still get the owl during my vacations, so I couldn't absorb much of the content), but I finally finished the tree, after 110 days!

I'd like to thank all the very efficient guys in the Turkish team... Selcen, AlexinNotTurkey, Ektoraskan, Ilkei, LadyNurington (I don't know if she appeared to answer one of my questions personally, but I saw her comments too), and maybe I am forgetting some names, but if you helped me at some extent, receive my thanks too!

Well, I started the Turkish course only by thinking "SOV is bizarre, I want to try it out!", and in the end I think that this language is very interesting. I started this course together with French since I failed to choose one of them, but I dropped out from French because it would be easier for me [Portuguese speaker here] to catch up later. I had some fun here and (if my laziness don't stop me), I still will be practicing here for a while.

In opposition to many users' plans, I don't plan to be fluent in Turkish (my interest is in reading basic stuff, at most playing some Trivia Crack in Turkish when I'm bored - i discovered this some days ago and got 7 out of 12 questions right thanks to you!! - so I turned off the audio exercises most of time). Buuut... what sources are good for reading this basic stuff after I digest the last lessons? Wikipedia? Searching for texts in grammar books? Suggestions please! :)

Teşekkür ederim again!

July 26, 2015



damn i'll also try to complete the Turkish tree to learn the basics and to play trivia crack :D my focus is also in other languages but before hindi and russian i have completed nearly all that interest me. Turkish and Esperanto might be good next step


Well, I assure you will have a lot of fun with Turkish... Russian is on my plans too (I studied a little last year), and surely it will be one of my next trees.

And.... I checked out your blog. Very interesting stuff there... I'll read more posts when I have time. =]


Congratulations! And hats off to you, I also started Turkish when it was fresh off the incubator but I'm at only 2/3rds of the tree, and struggling to keep it golden.

I saw this recommended on another thread: http://cis.uchicago.edu/turkish-graphic-novel/001.htm


Ahaaa! I will check it out later, thank you =] Have a lingot!

And good luck with your tree. :) [Mine is quite degilded... but I went 80% of it trying to make it golden, until my lack of time made me rethink about it hehehe]


teşekkür ederim :)


You are brilliant, my deepest respect!


Tebrik ederim!


Tebrikler! :D

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