"Ĉu estas aliaj universoj krom nia?"

Translation:Are there other universes apart from ours?

July 26, 2015

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Depends on who yoy ask :)

In the original use of "universe" it rederred to everything that exists, now it seems to he used often as a reference to a few dimensions which are observable from a point within thise dimensions and that has yet to be answered.


Similar to how atom was supposed to represent a partical that couldn't be divided.


I would have said "la nia" - but "nia" isn't really wrong.

"La nia" is better because it's THE universe that belongs to us - not A universe that belongs to us.


We do not need to put "la nia"? Simply "nia"?


I figured that the basic meaning of "krom" is 'what amount(?),' and thus that the question of amount would come through in a rough translation. So, I wrote, "Are there other universes beyond ours?" But, I got the gong. If someone could explain the flavor of "krom" as used here, and the better way to translate it, I would appreciate it.


Krom is not kiom. My mistake. (I leave mistakes--they are valuable.)


"Cxu vi vere diris al mi ke estas multiverso?"

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