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"I am tired of writing essays."

Translation:Jeg er lei av å skrive essayer.

July 26, 2015



Can "stil" be accepted here. My children who go to a Norwegian middle school always say that they "må skrive en stil" when they talk about their homework. They never say that they have to write an "essay".


'stil' is just a text, 'essay' is a specific genre.


In Norwegian, "essay" is a specific genre, but still fairly loosely defined: "kort populærvitenskapelig eller litterær avhandling eller artikkel, ofte med vittig preg".

In English the same term seems much more muddy: "a short piece of writing that tells a person's thoughts or opinions about a subject". Even more muddy if you look at the Wikipedia page about the topic.

This is a course in Norwegian and intended for speakers who already know English. In my opinion you should try to find a better word if you do not want to accept other alternatives when going from Essay (eng) to Essay (nor).

(nor) essay → (eng) essay
(eng) essay → (nor) essay; forsøk; stil; besvarelse

A different dictionary translates it this way:
(eng) essay → (nor) prøve; forsøk; essay, avhandling, utredning


I should've checked more thoroughly before answering of course. 'stiler' has already been accepted as a valid translation for this sentence for over a month already. We try to keep the best possible translation to a minimum, so even if there isn't one perfect translation, we often have to pick just one. 'stil' is even more loosely defined, and can be almost any text written in school.

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