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"The couple cuddled on the couch."

Translation:Paret koste i sofaen.

July 26, 2015



Why isn't a reflexive pronoun needed here? And which one would it be?


"Å kose seg" has a slightly different meaning, think "to enjoy oneself". I'm sure they're doing that too, but it would not be a faithful translation in this case.


According to https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sofa, English gets the word "sofa" from Arabic "suffa". But Icelandic gets the word "sofa" from Old Norse "sofa". Meanwhile, Wiktionary doesn't explain where Norwegian gets it. I'm assuming also from Old Norse? Anyone know for sure? Seems far more likely than a borrowing from Arabic or French.


It's from Arabic.

The "sofa" Icelandic gets from Old Norse is not a noun, but a verb meaning to sleep (cf. Norwegian "sove").


Should not 'på' be used here?

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