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"For an adventure, you do not necessarily have to pay."

Translation:Por aventuro oni ne nepre devas pagi.

July 26, 2015



Is nepre really a good choice here? I understand it to mean definite. Seems to me nepre would make it "For an adventure, you definitely don't need to pay."


It's something like "unavoidably, obligatorily".

Note the position of the negation, though -- it's not "oni nepre ne devas pagi" (which would be more or less your interpretation) but "oni ne nepre devas pagi" (which turns it into something like "you not-obligatorily have to pay" or "not necessarily have to pay"


Thanks, I think I get it, but personally like necese better.


What's wrong with: "Por aventuro, vi ne necesas pagi."


This sentance translate as "For an adventure, you don't need to pay", which leaves out the necessary from the original sentance


Vi ne necesas - means - you are not necessary.

It's paying, not you, which is not necessary. Your sentence doesn't express that.

(Question is two years old, but others are asking)


This whole skill os just an advertisement for Pasporta servo. I see what you did there ;)

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