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  5. "Our cabin is red."

"Our cabin is red."

Translation:Hytta vår er rød.

July 26, 2015



Rød was without a t here, but it had one a sentence ago. When is a t needed?


When it describes a neuter word.

  • Ei rød hytte (feminine)

  • En rød hytte (masculine)

  • Et rødt hus (neuter)

  • Røde hus (plural)

Note that all feminine nouns can be inflected as masculine nouns.


Would it be informal to inflect female nouns as male ones? Also, is the plural of all your above examples "røde"?


It's perfectly fine to inflect feminine nouns as male nouns, but it's common to use the feminine inflection for some of the feminine words, such as the one in this sentence. This will depend on regional differences, and some places 'hytten' will be more common.

Plural is plural for all cases.


It shouldn't have a t when in the sentence "Rosa og rødt er farger". Rødt is a neuter adjective singular definite, whereas Rød is the noun for the color red.


The noun is "rødt", as any dictionary will tell you. "Rød" is the singular m/f adjective.


I don't understand why I can't say hytta vår er rød. I was marked wrong for this.


That currently works.


Whh vår instead of vårt?

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