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"Chuaigh na daoine anonn go Londain."

Translation:The people went over to London.

July 26, 2015



Is it wrong to translate anonn as "across" (to London)?


I wrote 'across' as well - and was marked incorrect even though the word appeared in the hints.


i wrote across as well.


If "anonn" implies movement toward the speaker, is that contradictory with the use of "chuaigh" (instead of "tháinig")?


anonn is 'over, to the other side', so it implies direction away from the speaker. anall is towards


Man, this lesson is crazy hard. I was going from the tips & notes: "In the case of the former, most of the forms begin with the letter A e.g. anuas down and aníos up, both carrying the sense of movement toward the speaker." I guess anonn is an exception.


Notes? I'll have to get on my computer to finish these lessons then. Haven't come across tips and notes in a long while.


I've seen it explained elsewhere that there used to be another pair, sonn/anonn, that described going to or from a location near to the speaker. Sonn disappeared which left anonn meaning something very similar to sall.


What am I missing? What differentiates sall from anonn? Chuaigh mo chara sall anuraidh. Chuaigh na daoine anonn go Londain


In this sentence, sall is interchangeable with anonn. (Anonn can also be used for “late” or “advanced”, e.g. anonn sa saol, which I don’t think is possible with sall.)

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