"Ich habe ein Pferd."

Translation:I have a horse.

December 30, 2012

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Why not "Ich habe einen Pferd?"


"ein Pferd" is nominative right ?


No, accusative. Pferd is neuter, and neuter nouns take the indirect article "ein" in both the nominative and accusative cases.

If we replace it with a masculine noun, whose indefinite article is different in those two cases, we get:

Ich habe einen Apfel.

Ich = nominative einen Apfel = accusative


So apple is masculine and accusative in most of the cases we've been given so far on Duolingo?


Ich is the subject and therefore in nominative. Den/einen Apfel is the object and therefore in the accusative case.

Der Apfel ist grĂ¼n. In this case, der Apfel is the subject and is therefore in the nominative case, hence "der". :)


I am your biggest fan


I'm quite surprised "I own a horse" isn't accepted. Looks more correct (top-level) in English.


habe is verb to have maybe own has another word in deutsch


Correct. 'Own' is 'besitzen' so the sentence would be 'Ich besitze ein Pferd.'


just how do i pronounce "pferd"?? like "peh-feirt"? how?


If you hover over the word it will pronounce it for you. It's pretty much like you have phonetically spelled out, but the p is much softer. It doesn't get it's own syllable, but rather is tacked on to the f. It's difficult to explain online, but your lips should pronounce the "pf" in one smooth motion.

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"Pfiat!" Compiling what others have said before me: it's like Fiat but start with your tongue/mouth in P position, then "shoot the F out of your mouth" (like Pf in exasperated sound "Pfft!), next the ER is how British pronounce air (with muted r - "eh-ah") then finally D in German is like English T.


Fun fact: PF is a single sound in German


What would i "had" a horse be?

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    Ich hatte ein Pferd.

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