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  5. "İçerdin."


Translation:You used to drink.

July 26, 2015



In English, saying "you used to drink" refers to alcohol. If you want to talk about another kind of drink you would have to add an object to the verb. Is this the same in Turkish?


Yes,içmek refers to alcohol if there is no object,it is the same in turkish


Does it also refer to smoking?


i believe so, as sigara içmek is to smoke. I've seen içmek used to refer to smoking before


I believe it's only with the object "sigara". Cigarette packages in Turkey have the warning "sigara içmek öldürür" on them.


You would drink and you used to drink can ve very different in their meaning in english. Like if you were here now, you would drink and you used to drink five years ago. How do i understand which meaning is the right on in turkish?


from the context in a conversation.


You would drink can have the same meaning as You used to drink. For example, When I was young, I would walk to school.


The only reason there is any equivalence in those is because there is an understanding that you don't go to school anymore, not because of anything grammatical. "I used to go to the off-licence" has a completely different meaning to "I would go to the off-licence". Not saying you're wrong, since you explicitly say "can have the same meaning", but not a very helpful answer to the question regardless. Ultimately, this example highlights a significant difference between the two languages.


Why can't it be "you would have drunk" instead of "you would drink". "Mutlu olurdu" had been translated to "He would have been happy" and not to "He would be happy". Can anybody explain that please?


When I give "İçerdin" as my answer in the app, it is not accepted. I need to type "Içerdin" instead. Only the web site version accepts "İçerdin"


Thats a problem I had on my Iphone with lots of exercises. Always mixing up İ and I and marking things incorrect. Since I've switched to android the problem seems to have gone away though :)


When translating this sentence into English is should be, "I use to drink." NOT "used to" am I incorrect? Ot only lets me translate every sentence as "used to' no matter if it used as a verb or an adjective.


The expression is always used to and can only refer to habits in the past. You cannot use it for habits in the present.


Very odd! When only I type the translation as "You used to drink" the message comes that it is wrong although EXACTLY the same sentence has shown as the right answer. WHY???????????

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