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I'm pulling my hair out !

I am at level ten in the Norwegian course. I read five Norwegian newspapers a day, I cut back my daily requirement to ONE segment a day since at this level I am getting nine (9) reviews dropped on me every day. While I appreciate that one must practice Norwegian, you have now TOTALLY frustrated me with these reviews. I do five reviews every day, and then... I HAVE ANOTHER NINE to do. This is counter-productive in my thinking. I feel like I am a hamster in a cage, and I DON'T like it.

How do I get out of this situation ?


July 27, 2015



How often are you hovering over words? Because hovering for hints tells Duo that you don't feel confident in that word, which decays the skill faster.


That. Oh and you don't have to do reviews the day those skills lose gold. Some people complete the whole tree before going back and redoing it back in gold, I'm not saying to do exactly that, but pick a strategy that works for you personally (x number of new lessons and y number of reviews daily) and stick with it


Thank you, I will stop double checking myself when I respond to the sentences. I had NO idea that if I hoover on a word it caused me to deplete sooner !!! I don't need to double check on myself in sentences.


Yup. It's a huge temptation, even when you're sure you know what the word means, to double-check by using the hover hints.

The other thing you'll notice is, as you get further along, the earlier skills don't deplete quite as fast. Later skills build on and reinforce the earlier skills, and the software recognizes that. That's one of the main reasons you've probably never had to review the Basics 1 unit. All of the information in there is being reinforced regularly through other units.


If you don't want to review, you don't have to review, and if you want to check something you can use google translate.


This is what I did for Swedish and soon Russian: Atleast one or more new lessons a day and between three and as many as you want skill rehearsals. It might seems slow but it does work. For other languages: Atleast one new lesson a day and 3 skill rehearsals a day when my tree is done. I do rehearse skills of trees that aren't done though. Sometimes you just want something to go smooth and then you rehearse and old skill xD.

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