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  5. "Norwegian is easy!"

"Norwegian is easy!"

Translation:Norsk er enkelt!

July 27, 2015



Norwegian is not a simple language, if only for the fact that I momentarily forgot the word for "simple" in Norwegian and thus had to hover over the word to see what it was again.


All except for trying to figure out which adjective to use, such as kald kalde and kaldt


male/female, plural, neutral


Is "norsk" a neuter noun? Else why did we use enkelt and not enkel?


I got it like this -

Enkel - easy/simple/ not difficult.

Lett - easy/light/ not heavy.


Easy on duo, but then you hear the natives speaking... ;)


Agreed! You really have to immerse yourself in the language. I have two Norwegian friends, but since they live in Norway and I live in California and they are 9 hours ahead, I rarely get a chance to speak with them. When we do chat, it's typically through FB messenger. What I've started doing is watching Norwegian TV shows/movies and I purchased a couple of Norwegian e-books with the audio file. I then play it slightly slower so I can follow along the book as they read. It helps to keep replaying parts and when you're able to follow along at the slower speed, move it back up to normal speed and start again. It can be tedious, but it's helpful even if you don't understand everything yet.


Why there is a neuter form of "enkel"? I checked the ordbok.uib.no and it says that the noun "norsk" is masculine.


I think it is used as an adverb here. It describes the process of learning the language. Could also be Norsk er enkelt å lære


Sorry guys, but I have to argue that "easy" is not an adverb. The adverb is "easily", so you could say "I learn Norwegian easily". But you can't say "Norwegian is easily". So I for one am not satisfied that anyone has given a reasonable explanation for why it is "enkelt" here. From everything I read, it should be "Norsk er enkel". Would some moderator or native speaker please explain why it is "enkelt" here? (and don't try to tell me it is an adverb here because, well... it's not.)


At ordbok.uib.no I found that both can be used... :

"norsk m1, subst. norsk språk

gammelnorsk, nynorsk / han snakket et prikkfritt norsk / skrive god(t) og grei(t) norsk / jeg sa dem hva jeg mente på godt norsk med rene ord / ha problemer med norsken på skolen norskfaget"

In the example both "god norsk" and "godt norsk" fit the sentence.

Though i can't explain the reason behind this, I thought it would be good to share with you all.


Not a guy, but I agree.


Anyone native or knowing the grammar better able to confirm this?


That is the case.


Got that sentence wrong so apparently not lmao!


Is there a difference between lett and enkelt?

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When they translate to 'easy' they're interchangeable, but not always. 'enkel' can translate to 'simple', 'single', 'easy', 'basic' while 'lett' can translate to 'light', 'easy', 'easily'.


I would translate 'lett' into either 'light' or 'easy', but 'enkelt' into simple. Which means that in many cases, they will not be interchangeable. Example: "Telling the truth can be simple, but hard." Here the simple thing becomes the difficult. In the sentence "Norsk er enkelt", they become somewhat interchangeable, since the simplicity of the language makes it easy. I would still prefer the answer to be 'lett', though, since it is more precise.


As a native English speaker it certainly is easy. If you find Norwegian difficult I challenge you to try Russian, Mandarin, Hungarian or Icelandic. Good luck!


I am a Slovak native speaker, I challenge you to try Slovak language! :) translated to slovak: Ja som rodený slovenský hovorca, vyzývam ťa skúsiť si slovenčinu!


I tried, and yes, I found it challenging.


Yup, German native speaker here, learned English in school early on, and I also grew up in an area where "Low German" (old Germanic language-dialect with a lot of Norse influence) is still quite alive. If you know these two/three languages, Norwegian seems pretty easy. I am indeed learning Hungarian with Duo as well, and it totally cooks my brain...


I don't find it easy and I will not be trying a "difficult" language for that reason


Ja. I'm also learning Japanese. Norsk is easy. But not easy enough for me to actually say much after 10 months. ;)


Norwegian is easier than what I was expecting. I am finding it about as easy as Dutch, which is pretty easy. Of course, using Norwegian verbs is a million times easier than in Dutch. I have studied Russian and it was difficult because English doesn't have a lot in common.

[deactivated user]

    Norsk er enklere enn engelsk, og mange andre språk.


    Points for honesty. And the interesting thing is that, in an exam on it, you may well score higher than those who say it's easy. With languages, it's all relative I think, and it also depends upon the way the course is set up and other factors. I don't think one can generalise to saying it's easy for English speakers in general without surveying all English speakers about it. I've found some other language courses harder, but Norwegian is still challenging.


    I would say it's easy for English speakers.


    I let out a half laugh/half cry at this one. I like Norway a lot but the language is annoying. Profile pic is me every time I'm on duolingo


    I love the language. Why are you learning it if you find it annoying? There are a heap of others to choose from.

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