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"Eles me disseram que gostam de ler o jornal."

Translation:They told me that they like to read the newspaper.

October 18, 2013



What would 'they like[d]' be?


We like = nós gostamos, We liked = nós gostamos, They like = eles gostam, They liked =:eles gostaram


Yes, though I think the sequence of tenses would allow for the past tense here (with ongoing meaning), where Portuguese would use the present.


What if it is a present feeling/fact? Would you still use the past tense?


Olá Paulenrique:

According to standard English grammar when you have reported speech (they said that), the verb in the clause that follows should change to the past tense: "They said that they liked to read....". However, in what is called "present-day English", it is permissible to use the present tense in colloquial speech as in DL's sentence.

Using the standard form still refers to the present.


Yes, I would say I hear the past tense in reported speech most often. In can, indeed, have present meaning, in the sense that the thing is still ongoing.

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