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  5. "Denizde kaplumbağa yok."

"Denizde kaplumbağa yok."

Translation:There is no turtle in the sea.

July 27, 2015



ı am not trying to split hairs... but for the people learning Turkish from scratch... ıs duo using turtle for kaplumbağa because ıts easier to type than tortoise which is the perfect translation! tortıose ıs totally land based and turtles are a 99% sea swımmers... so are 2 dıfferent anımals. therefore a turtle ıs deniz kaplumbağası


The meanings of these two words are so blurred in English that it isn't too terribly important. I am from Ohio and everyone always talked about the turtles they saw and not the tortoises :) Turkish is the same in this respect that the daily language and scientific language differs.


Some places use terrapin for freshwater, tortoise for land, and turtle for ocean.


This is going to be splitting hairs even more, but what about all the little turtles that live in ponds and streams? Do you still call those deniz kaplumbağaları? (They're not tortoises, but they don't live in the sea.....)

In English, we have:

tortoises -- totally land based.

turtles -- amphibious, but some kinds live in fresh water and some kinds in salt water.

sea turtles -- this is what we usually call the turtles who live in the ocean.

But a lot of people confuse tortoises and turtles, and "turtle" is easier. So "turtle" is often used as a generic term for any turtle-like creature.


In Turkish we have "tosbağa", which is totally land based, but it's not used too often. Kaplumbağa is the all-around word for all types. If you so desire, you can specify:

Kara kaplumbağası (tosbağa) = tortoise

Deniz kaplumbağası (caretta caretta?) = sea turtle

Göl kaplumbağası = lake turtle

Gölet kaplumbağası = pond turtle

Irmak kaplumbağası = River turtle

etc. Turks are simple. ;p


This is good to know. (Not just because now I'll know what to call which turtle, but because now I know the words for lake, pond, and river! =) )


And then there's terrapins....

(German just calls everything "shield toads". Or if you want more precise than that, you have "land shield toads" and "water shield toads".)


Would you believe I only recently learned what a terrapin was? (In my defense, we don't have them in my part of the US.... =) )

(And I did not know about German and its shield toads, but I like that very much!)


"there is no turtle at the sea" is marked as wrong. Is this due to the meaning of locative or due to the fact that this translation has not been added yet?


It was just a missing translation. There are already several dozen for this sentence, so it is easy to miss one :)


Yes I also said in the sea there is no turtle and it was wrong

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Agreed, i am unable to hear anything but a "o". Reported.


What would "there are no turtles in the beach" mean ?


Turtles can't be "in the beach" -- they could be "on the beach" (on top of the sand) or "in the sand" (underneath the surface of the sand, perhaps hiding).


I thought kaplumbaga in this sentence can also mean turtles,but it was marked wrong.



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