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  5. "Як ваша подорож?"

"Як ваша подорож?"

Translation:How is your trip?

July 27, 2015



'How is your travel?' чому некоректно?


Is this the same as "How is your journey?" because the given correct answer was "How was your journey?". I am supposedly doing the section "Present tense 1"


since the verb "to be" isn't used could this be both "How is your trip?" and "How was your trip?"


The verb "to be," «є», is omitted in the present tense, but not in the past tense. In colloquial speech, though, if your friend just returned from a trip and you asked «Як твоя подорож», it's understood that you're asking, "How was your trip?"


Both are accepted


ваша is missing the gender on the hover tip.


I'm adding useful hints now :)

e.g. ваша (fem.), ваш (masc.) etc.


Is this a correct translation? In English we say "How was you trip?"


You say it when the trip already happened.

If somebody is travelling at the moment and you're asking them how it's going, you say "How is your trip?"



I'm a bit confused. In another exercise we learnt that "подорож" is feminine so we have to use "ваша подорож", why would this not be "Яка ваша подорож"?


That's because яка means "what/what kind of." And it corresponds to the gender and number of the noun it modifies: який (m) яка (f) яке (n) які (pl). Яка книга ти читаєш? (What kind of book are you reading?) Які фільми ти любиш? (What kind of movies do you like?) Яке це пиво? (What kind of beer is this?) Який хліб ти любиш їсти? (What kind of bread do you like to eat?" Generally these are used when "what kind" can be substituted for "what." So it's який for (what/what kind of) and що for only (what) I'm not a native speaker, but hopefully this helps.


As an adjective, you're right, яка подорож. But this is an adverb asking How? In this case it stays the adverbial як.


It only gave the option for the past tense "was." "Як ваша подорож" sounds in the present tense, "how is your trip?"

Як була ваша подорож? Past tense


If someone is still traveling, you would say "how is your trip", or "how is your trip going" or slightly more awkwardly "how are your travels going". Once they get back you would say "how was your trip", or slightly more awkwardly "how were your travels". I think it's good that the lesson currently accepts several different translations, but it does feel strange to use past tense in a present tense lesson.


Yes, I think in Ukrainian this question is only in present tense and is asked if the trip is ongoing. If we want to ask about a trip in the past we would say "Як пройшла ваша подорож?".

I would rather remove the past tense from here because I don't think it makes much sense.

My only guess is, this answer was added because people were claiming "How was your trip?" is a way more common sentence, but simply because we ask about past trips more often than ongoing, not because it's a more common translation... I would remove it :/


Як тебе подорож. (For singular ?)


тебе singular corresponds to вас plural.

твоя corresponds to ваша.

Як твоя подорож?

  • Як ваша подорож?
  • добре! ...Ukrainian hippies... I think it can't mean that kind of trip, can it?


No, I think that kind of trip would be кайф LOL


how was your trip? the correct answer

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