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  5. "Ich bin herzlich."

"Ich bin herzlich."

Translation:I am cordial.

December 30, 2012



As a native German I've never heard this adjective used to describe a person, only hugs or welcomes ("Herzlich wilkommen!", "Eine herzliche Umarmung."). If you wanted to describe someone as kind or nice you would use "lieb" or "nett" for the most part. The sentence as is sounds very strange.

[deactivated user]

    Don't worry as a native English speaker I would never say "I am cordial" either. Perhaps the translation is valid...something one would never say.


    You ma'am, are a logician

    [deactivated user]

      Whether or not you meant it as a compliment, I'm tickled pink by your response :)


      I meant it as a compliment, nothing else!


      She's very cordial


      I sometimes get the impression this course was put together by an enthusiastic Japanese teenager with a smattering of both languages and an on-line translator. It is SO hard to be confident of anything your learn when actual German speakers say - huh????


      Herzlichen Dank, Gosha.

      Out of interest - Context Reverso comes up with ONE occurrence - ich bin zu herzlich - Juliet says it to Romeo. She says - I would have played hard-to-get, but 'in truth, fair Montague, I am too fond'.

      So it does have a use. If you happen to be translating Shakespeare. :)


      "kind" is one of their translations for "herzlich," and yet it did not accept it in my translation.


      I think that would make a lot of sense. I said heart warmed.


      I just translated it directly 'herzlich = hearty', but sure enough DL marked it wrong.


      and a hearty welcome to you too!


      Shouldn't 'nice' be accepted?


      Hearty in English is usually used in reference to a big, heavy and filling meal. "A hearty meal" would be like a big bowl of stew, a shepherd pie or something like that (good warming winter foods). "A hearty lunch" could be like a ploughman's lunch, strong thickly cut Cheddar cheese, a shallot onion and thick doorstep bread.

      "Herzlich" to me means "heartfelt" eg: "Herzlich wilkommen!" = warm/heartfelt welcome, "Herzliche Danke" = heartfelt thanks.

      In the sentence provided, it to me says "I am heartfelt" or "I am sincere".


      That use of hearty in English refers to "generous" which an also mean generous of heart as well as generous portions. I have always understood "Herzlich Willkommen" as a hearty welcome, although it is a little old-fashioned. Very Dickensian you might say.


      Herzlich is more like cordial than affectionate, am I right? As zärtlich is a better translation for affectionate.


      I googled the answer and it told me that herzlich meant cordial, cordially , hearty. http://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the-meaning-of/german-word-herzlich.html


      Why can't I say "I am hearty"?


      Just coz, its duolingo, u can't say a lot of things


      But isn't it right?


      Dl gives 3 translation of "herzlich". I used another, that i know is correct. And it was accepted. But also suggested me 5th variant of translation. Just LOL


      Its possible to be cordial without being sincere. But it is impossible to be sincere without being "herzlich". Would you agree?


      alternative answer "warm" not in the list of meanings.. Grrr


      What is the meanung of this statement?


      "I am polite" not accepted

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