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"Pro la varma suno ni decidis sidi kun biero en la ombro."

Translation:Because of the hot sun, we decided to sit in the shade with a beer.

July 27, 2015



I tried Because of the warm sun we decided to sit with beer in the shade. and it claimed that we have to write a beer. Why is the article necessary?

we decided to sit with a beer indicates multiple subjects shared a single container of beer - is that the unambiguous meaning of ni decidis sidi kun biero? Or can biero be an uncountable reference to the liquid - (some) beer?


"Biero" can refer to the substance, yes. (In which case it's uncountable.)


It seems like mistaking "mi" and "ni" is a mistake I often make in the listening exercises, especially when either one would make sense in the given sentence.

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