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Does anybody here use Duolingo as a supplement to your college class?

I am getting ready to go to college in the near future and I am planning on taking Spanish. I already know a bit of Spanish from middle school and a lot from what I learned here. I was wondering if anybody is taking Spanish in college (or even in high school) is this a really good supplement to your classes? Does it help a lot? Do you make good grades?

December 30, 2012



I recently started using duolingo in addition to my high school French class, and I find that it makes it a lot easier for me to form sentences and recall words. I definitely think it would be worth it in college as well. Another way to learn quickly would be to do a study abroad, where you're forced to speak nothing but Spanish.


That's great to hear! I was hoping it would make it easier to get a hang of grammar and recall. I would love to do a Study Abroad but I have dogs and I wouldn't be able to leave them for a very long time.

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