"Who logged in most recently?"

Translation:Kiu laste ensalutis?

July 27, 2015



Ensalutis = logged in ?

September 10, 2015


No, not really. eg. "logged in user" means "ensalutita uzanto"-... "Ensalutis" just without anything added doesn't make sense. "Li ensalutis" means "He logged in" or "Mi ensalutis" means "I'm logged in" or "logged in - if shortly expressed..."

September 24, 2015


Mi ensalutis = I logged in,

I'm logged in = mi ensalutatas/estas ensalutata.

A (currently/now) logged in user = ensalutata uzanto.

Ensalutita uzanto = a previously logged in user.

"Logged in" (in English) can be past tense, a perfect participle, and a passive participle. That might be where you got confused.

January 22, 2016
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