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Another problem with "fix my mistake"

I enjoy the new feature BUT it prevents me from seeing the correct answer to the last question I get wrong!

When I run out of hearts I can click back, but it won't allow me to fix the mistake OR show me the correct answer.

October 18, 2013



Look for "Show my answer" link. It was in the upper right corner last time I saw it. It does not allow to fix the mistake but shows your answer and the correct answer, too.

I really hope the team will redesign the game over screen. Too many people have trouble with the current one.


No, the "show my answer" link has always been there. Now, when I click "show my answer" it brings me to the previous screen but does not show me the correct answer. Here's a screenshot AFTER I click "show my answer": http://i.imgur.com/HO7U5QR.png


Oh. Then you can try to open discussion (Discuss sentence). The correct translation is usually available there under the heading.


Good idea for a temporary fix, but this still needs to be changed. I never had to do that before, and there's really no need to make me click twice.


Thanks for letting us know. We'll work on fixing this issue.


You should move this over to "troubleshooting." You may get a quicker response from a mod that way.


Thanks. I didn't realize that existed until after I posted here, but now I don't know how to move it over...


Yeah no problem! Just click "edit" and there should be an option to move the discussion.


Perfect, thanks!


Thank you! I had no idea one could do that! :)


Sometimes when I do lessons the hearts say I have three but I only have one left


For me, it is more important to see the correct answer than to fix my mistake. We all learn differently, but this new feature detracts from my experience.


you can do both. if you correct your answer, you will have generated the correct answer. otherwise, click "skip". however i think it's worthrwhile-- the new feature seems to leverage the generation effect, a strong and well known effect in memory research: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_effect


On one occasion I was unable to leave the question entirely. I could not continue and could not see the correct answer. There was no option that worked except "fix my mistake" so I kept trying to fix it until I got it right and could move on. I reported that particular question as a glitch.

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