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  5. "Yeşil elma küçük mü?"

"Yeşil elma küçük mü?"

Translation:Is the green apple small?

July 27, 2015



Is it only me who do not hear the final "mü"?


Cannot here the ending mu in the audio. Can only hear a faint ma sound in the slow audio. Is this the case in regular speech also? Do I need to figure out from the sentence that tnis is a question?


So, why is the question about whether the apple is 'small' rather than, like, the question being 'why is the small apple green?' or something?


It could have been that. "Neden yeşil elma küçük?" (Why is the green apple small?)

But it's helpful to know how to ask whether or not an apple is small, too. ;p


I was marked incorrect for saying: "Is it a small green apple?" I thought the 'mu' word should be placed behind where the emphasis is, in this case 'small'. If the correct version is : "Is the green apple small?", should it not be written: “Yeşil elma mü kücük?” I would be very obliged if you could clarify this for me.


The question words comes at the end.


This cannot be "Is it a small green apple?" -- first off, that would require the adjectives to move, because they both need to come before their noun: "küçük, yeşil (bir) elma" = a small green apple.

The question particle goes after the thing being questioned, so fits perfectly fine after "küçük" if you are asking: Is the green apple (that we were talking about already) SMALL (as opposed to big)? If you said "Yeşil elma kücük?" you would be asking: (since we are talking about small things) Is the GREEN APPLE (among the) small (things)?


Why is "Are green apples small?" not acceptable here?


You would have to use the plural suffix here. Plural subjects will always have the plural suffix :)


which suffix are you talking about? 'elmalar' or 'müler' or both?


Is it because Yeşil elma considered as definitive? I think "Are the green apples small " is ok


How come in this example we don't have to refer to the apple in the accusative? It was my understanding that when referring to a specific direct object 'the green apple' we use the accusative.

If we're not referring to a specific green apple, then it sounds like the question would be 'Are green apples (in general) small?'. Although as Alex mentioned below, that would require using elmalar instead of elma, which is fine.


Yeşil elma is the subject of the sentence, and you never use the accusative on the subject. The subject of the sentence is assumed to be definite and singular, unless clearly noted otherwise (bir, another determiner, plural, etc.).

Also, this is an is/are/copula sentence, so there is no direct object at all.

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