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  5. hi how are you ?


hi how are you ?

July 27, 2015

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Hi!! Nice to meet you ;) Greetings from Venezuela!


Today i studied 45 minutes....what about you?.....today i started the competition with you ...if you want....because i want to finish this course and of course...... i want that you finish too..... ;)


Hello. I am finish the course too. But I do not very time. But I'll tray to doing. See you later.


Hi,I'm very well ,I'm from Mexico greetings !


hello my name is Milagros and Duolingo studio for two months and is magnificent , which has cost me most is the pronunciation , but do not speak well but I'm writing much better


good. I like to see how far people who are learning English have gotten, and how much they know. My first language is English, but I am learning Spanish now which is really fun. I'm hoping to get a head-start before highschool where I am required to take another language, I want to learn Spanish but all my friends want to learn French. I really want to go to Mexico someday, so I want to learn the language there, so I'm not helpless. (: I want to go to Mexico because I've always admired the culture there, all the parties, holidays and traditions seem so colorful and happy.


Hello Valen, how do you do?


Hello Guys :)


hi!! i am from mexico


Hello, how are you, I am from Venezuela


Hi, I'm very happy. Greetings from Guatemala


Perros ! coñisimos de su madre es facil, vean mi canal de porno


hi nice to meet you

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