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  5. "A man, a woman and a girl"

"A man, a woman and a girl"

Translation:En mann, en kvinne og en jente

July 27, 2015



Nynorsk - Ein mann, ei kvinne og ei jente.
Bokmål - En mann, en/ei kvinne og en/ei jente.


Wait...what's 'dame' and 'pike' all about?!


They're alternative translations for "woman" and "girl."


so happy that there is only en, no die/der/das (german) or un/une (french)

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I hate to rain on the parade, but there actually are three genders (masculine, feminine and neuter). Although, these three are soooo much easier than the German three. :0)


Why is it not ei kvinne

[deactivated user]

    Nouns of feminine gender (kvinne, f) can take the masculine indefinite article en as well. Both ei kvinne and en kvinne are correct but the latter is more common. The usage also depends on your location within Norway.

    Refer back to tips for more information.


    I got a question wrong, as it said it wanted "En mann, en kvinne og en jentunge", but I haven't seen 'jentunge' before, any ideas? I was practising the first Basics task if you needed to know

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